Killian Vrail

Lord of Fangsfall the old Mithril Knight who saved the city


Bard songs of Killian Vrail tell of his swaggering good looks but the truth is much more plain. Killian Vrail has the commanding pretense of a square jawed old soldier whose face is frequently in some stage of sunburnt and whose original hair color has long since been eclipsed by iron gray in a short cut above a clean shaven face.

In public ceremonies Lord Vrail is seldom without his gleaming but oft repaired shining suit of plate mail. In these times he often wears a cloak with seal of Fangsfall as an indication of his rulership but little other adornment.


In 126 AV, Killian Vrail arrived at the port of Fangsfall with his retinue of Mithril Knights fleeing from the Calastian conquest of Rahoch. At the time Fangsfall was a rat-infested pirate port but quickly Vrail brought titanspawn and pirates to heel and found himself the official lord of the city. Under his guidance, Fangsfall has become a safe and prosperous sailing port. Lord Vrail is known to give primary worship to Corean.

Killian Vrail

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