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PLAYERS INFO (under construction and not final)


This game will be a Pathfinder based campaign in the Scarred Lands. Characters will start out knowing each other as part of an adventuring party. You have done low level caravan guarding and some small level beast hunting but has not done anything worthy of legend as of yet.

We will begin play and assume to be centered in the city of Fangsfall. Fangsfall is an independent city state surrounded by enemies and far from its allies. The people of Fangsfall are independent minded but appreciate the order imposed by their new leaders who arrived in exile. Lord Vrail drove out the titanspawn from the city and executed or drove off the various murderous pirates who had divided up the city like a series of gangs. Fangsfall is surrounded by scrubland forests with deserts on land and water on most sides. To the far north there are mountains, harsher deserts and cursed lands known as the Devil’s March.

Long Term Plan

Eventually we will be running the currently released module “Gauntlet of Spiragos” so do not read that adventure. I have access to the currently unreleased sequel and if we get through this in time we may be running the final adventure in the series as playtesters (cross your fingers). If we do not have access after the 2nd module to the third yet (still being written) we will likely go back to our other primary game of M&M.

If we get through all three modules and everyone wants to continue then we will discuss at that time what direction everyone wants to go in as a group but I’m not opposed to us continuing on with this adventure if everyone is having fun.


We will be starting at level 1. Gauntlet of Spiragos starts at level 3 so my policy is that if you try your character and are not happy with them then you can re-roll up to level 3. Once we start for the Gauntlet in earnest then there will be no more character re-rolling. I may allow a limited form of re-training for PC’s but it must be justified by action in play. As an example, a character has never spoken or used a language on their sheet but rolled multiple times to understand another specific language they could then swap them out.


The Scarred Lands are land that has only recently (150 years ago) survived a war between the Titans and the Gods. Throughout the world the land is marked by this war and there are many living in in the longer lived races who remember the war or may have fought in it. Genre wise we are looking at a Dark Fantasy game with high magic similar to the Elric novels of Michael Moorcock and other related works.

Survival in a cursed land is another important theme in this setting. Many times there areas of land where any food gathered would be poisonous and even basic exploring can be dangerous. To emphasize this we’ll be dealing with some of the grittier aspects of D&D such as keeping track of rations, arrows, and encumbrance.


Character Creation

  1. Level: create characters at level 1

  2. Region: this campaign will take place in and around Fangsfall so the best regional descriptors for abilities and backgrounds will be Fangsfall specific and among desert/forest/mountains/underground

  3. Books you can use: Pathfinder Core Rulebook (PCR), Scarred Lands Player's Guide (SLPG). All other books require permission. Assume that if you are picking a class that is explicitly listed in the SLPG with variants that you may use that class from the original book that it is listed in. Further resources from that book such as spells or feats require permission but will likely be allowed.

  4. How many points for attributes. Point buy as per P15 of the PCR. 20 points for that per high fantasy.

  5. Races must be chosen from SLPG and adhere to the variants listed there with the following exceptions: No Half-elves or Half-orcs allowed, no Charduni dwarves. Please note that most races in Scarn are more powerful than the standard PCR version.

  6. Height & Weight: tables for this are found on SLPG page 51. It’s fine if you want to choose rather than roll. Characters who are starting out older than standard adulthood must take the aging penalties if applicable.

  7. Classes: any and all classes mentioned in the Scarred Lands Player’s Guide are available along with the variants specifically mentioned in the SPG. Please note that some classes are listed as unusual in Scarn (SLPG p 55) and so will likely not be allowed even if the race mentions having special archetypes for those classes. Those classes might fit in a more specialized campaign but we are not running any of those. Please note that many of the standard classes of Pathfinder have modifications in SLPG. Also, various archetypes are suggested for certain races or are new in SLPG. If an archetype or variant is not mentioned in SLPG it will likely not be allowed.

  8. Religion: players may be do not have to choose from one of the gods of SLPG (SLPG p63 for domains). Your average persona prays to the appropriate god under the circumstances or goes to the proper priest for the particular social function (Madriel for weddings, Tanil for blessings before a long road journey, etc.). Priests and other divine casters much choose a specific god to venerate. PCs may be created who venerate the titans or specific titans. The only exceptions to titan worship is that elves venerate Denev. Druids must venerate Denev as must certain class archetypes. Rangers may venerate Denev if they so choose. The most commonly worshipped gods of Fangsfall are Enkili (as patron of sailors among the common folk) and Corean (as god of justice he is worshipped by the current ruling class).

  9. Languages: See SLPG for languages, note that this setting has a web of related languages that you are more likely to understand if you speak a related langugage

  10. Traits: All PCs have two traits. Core and SLPG automatically allowed. Inquire for all others. If a trait is too similar to something already in SLPG it will not be allowed.

  11. Hit Points: Max at first level. Average round up for every level after that. (Example: D4 the average is 2.5 and round up to 3). Add any appropriate bonuses for Favored Class, Con, or other bonuses.

  12. Wealth and Equipment: all PCs start with 200 gp but then must purchase the starting equipment packages from SLPG p.123 for both race and class. The rules listed on those pages for “selling back” duplicate items apply (such as double armor, long bow/shortbow, etc.). In some cases this will be necessary to get in under 200gp but as long as duplicates are sold back all combos are viable. If a character wishes to sell back a weapon specifically to change to a Fangsfall signature weapon (pike, short sword) they may do so.

  13. Encumbrance: we will be using this in this game so please track your equipment weight. Starting equipment packages already have weight associated with them.

  14. Magic: all arcane spell casters must take a form of “Mesos Bane” or signature effect that happens whenever they cast a spell. Greater Banes per SLPG p 127 may be allowed with GM permission.

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